Customer Reviews for DrawndPaint

The kit arrived in a timely manner considering it came from overseas.The instructions are clear but I found the video on YouTube even more helpful.The color match was perfect and it’s easy to use. My kit had the pearl color, this involves an extra step but the results were fantastic.

Arissa Morin / Subaru – Color: Obsidian Black Pearl

I had just bought my car when a coworker scratched some of the paint off the fender. This paint was a perfect match and now you cant even notice that it happened.

Emmanuella Rangel / Dodge – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: REDLINE MET – PRM

Used the K6U to cover up several small, deep scratches. The color matches perfectly and you can’t tell from several feet away that there was every a scratch. When you get closer to it, you can tell where the touch up is, but for the price, it’s well worth it! An autobody shop had quoted me $2,800 to remove the scratches on my Chevrolet. This was a great solution and I still have plenty of paint left, even though I feel like I used a lot (3 coats) on my car.

Maddison Chapman / Chevrolet – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: SLIPSTREAM BLUE PEARL – WA402A


Huw Felix / Subaru – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: PURE RED – M7Y

Just as described. Worked well and fixed my scratch!

Eliana Jaramillo / Subaru – Color: DARK GRAY

As expected. I used to patch small starches in my car. The starches were unnoticeable but bothered me a lot.

Ruari Drake / Ford America – RR / DSTEWTA – Ruby Red Met

Great 5 star


Great match to color. Just makw sure you have it right side up before you open it, otherwise you have a mess on your hands.


Great and fast

Nathan Moreno / Chevrolet – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: MAGNA STEEL MET – WA706S

Really fast ship and excellent product!

Reanne Guest / Ford America – GN / HQHEWHA – White Gold Pearl

I used this kit as soon as I received it. I had several spots on my daughter’s used car to cover and it did the trick.

Percy Wise / Subaru – Color: SPARK SILVER

I was real happy with this kit someone had touched up the car and did a Bad job the color match Was really close for a 10 year old car They made it look easier that it was after a few try’s and getting the hang of it they came out really well I highly recommended this kit well worth the money

Shayla Wynn / Subaru – Color: BURNISHED BRONZE

The product comes as described and is easy to use thanks to the tutorial video on youtube. The paint color was correct. Just remember, this is a patch job, its not going to be perfect.

Ellena Marin / Peugeot – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: EMERALD CRYSTAL MET – EDZ

Color matched my car exactly. Easy to apply

Lili Hagan / Subaru – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: Cypress Green Pearl

This paint color matched my Forester perfectly

Conrad Strickland / Subaru – Color: CARBIDE GREY

Good paint color match and good applicator design. Good for touching up small scratches.

Harlan Clark / Subaru – Color: PLASMA BLUE SILICA

Clear instructions and all tools provided for a successful outcome. Very satisfied with the product.It takes some time to figure out how to evenly apply the paint (which is however a human problem and therefore the product cannot be blamed).

Enrique Thorne / Honda – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: MODERN STEEL MET – NH797M

Great product, got it fast

Dionne Prince / Chrysler – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: ALABASTER – 960

All the colors to match your vehical. kit contains everything you need to remove minor scratches. just follow instructions and practice on one area till you get it just right and finish the rest. Customer service is without a doubt the best i have experienced!! order with confidence!!

Tiago Cox / Ford America – UJ / 9QREWHA – Sterling Grey Met

Great customer service, exact match and has a lot in the package when you lift it up. Definitely glad I could touch up where the snow chains scraped.

Ishan Clayton / Fiat – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: BIANCO GELATO – 268/A

Bought a 2007 Altima for my daughters 17th birthday at an incredible price mainly because it was dirty and had a bunch of nicks that came through white in the blue paint on the bumper. I wish I had taken before pictures to show how this product made the car look Brand New. There was More than enough in the smallest pack to fix every paint defect, while still leaving more than half for any future needs. It’s a tad bit darker because obviously the original paint is a bit faded at this point, but you have to be an inch away to see it. Definitely a great match!

Serenity Bonner / Nissan – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: GRAPHITE PEARL – NH658P-A

Matches the pain color perfectly! Easy directions! Fast drying

Elyse Koch / Subaru – Color: DARK GRAY

The kit had all the parts and supplies listed, and the paint is very easy to work with. It is a lacquer, so it can be thinned and applied with an airbrush, my main concern. I(t goes on very smoothly when sprayed, and also works very well when brushed on. The only problem I had was the color–the paint goes on as pure white, and is noticeably brighter than the pearl white of my car. To some extent, that is always a problem with pearl paints, since they should be applied in layers (primer, white, pearl clear, and clearcoat), a process that can’t be simulated with a single color such is supplied with the kit. For the small rock chips on the front of the car, the color difference is only noticeable when you look very close. For the big scrape on my rear bumper, however, the color difference stands out, although to be fair, only if you are looking for it. The good news is that the paint went on so smoothly that the slight color difference is the only evidence of the black scrape that was there before.

Iwan Henson / Nissan – Q10 – White / Blizzard

I purchased this kit to attempt to fix large scratches along the top inside bed rails of my truck.I have used other touch up solutions before and this was by far the best. Instructions were easy to understand. The paint color actually matched! The vehicle is black with a metallic in it and the exact metallic was present in the touch up paint. Take you time and follow the instructions and you won;t be disappointed! There was also plenty of paint for multiple touch ups if needed down the road. Highly recommend!

Ramone Hale / Jeep – PW7 – Bright White

Exact match! Fast shipping

Bartlomiej Blaese / Subaru – Color: SATIN WHITE

Great quality paint. Could not find my paint code anywhere and dealer could not even provide it since my paint code is so new. DrawndPaint had my exact paint code and it has matched perfectly. Really top notch paint

Abdulahi Holman / Audi – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: TORNADOGRAU MET – LX7P

matched perfect easy to use good communication with seller A+++++.

Rikki Clarke / Nissan – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: WHITE PEARL – QX1

Exactly as stated. Good color match

Briony Estes / Nissan – NAH – Cayenne Red Met / Venetian Ruby Pearl Met

Good all round touch up pack with good paint match and easy to use on stone chips.

Julie Walters / Ford – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: RUBY RED MET – RR

Perfect for the little nicks!

Lamar Dodd / Subaru – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: SATIN WHITE PEARL MAT – 37J

worked great,thanks

Nella Villalobos / Toyota – 3L5 – Radiant Red

This paint matched my car perfectly and cost a lot less than purchasing from my local dealer. I would highly recommend this product.

Oliver Gale / MINI Cooper – Reef Blue MET – B30

The color is PERFECT. The first chip off the paint of our new Outback is now completely gone.

Jaidan Wilcox / Toyota – 1D6 – Mat Silver

Perfect match

Payton Glover / Toyota – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: BLUE – 8T6

Wash car, follow instructions. I also used a clay bar, then a polish/sealant. My car looks new!. This is a good product.

Aiyla Drummond / Nissan Murano – WHITE PEARL – QAB

Color matched just as expected, however not enough product to repaint my entire car.

Aariz Avila / Toyota – 221 – Blackish Ageha Mica / Black / Galactic Aqua

Easy to use, matches great, used it on a 2014 Outback

Arthur Ahmed / Subaru – Color: CARBIDE GREY

Product was fine, but not the same as shown on product picture (4/29/17). What I was sent was the all-in-one kit which consists of fine pen+nail brush type paint part, a foam brush clear coat part, and a fiberglass abrader tool in the cap.

Lillie-Mai Hickman / Subaru – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: ICE SILVER MET – G1U

Great product. My car had a bunch of little paint chips from daily driving and debris. Did a YouTube search about the product before I purchased and figured what are the chances of it being terrible. Ordered and it arrived in a few days. Washed my car first and then applied the product as directed. Clean the surface, shake the paint and dab on the designated area. Wipe off excess paint with solution and then apply paste and wax for a smooth clean finish. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to clean up their hood or bumper and any other area. Tips: apply just a small amount of paint, literally just a pin size amount. Reason being, less is better bcause your going to wipe off excess and that’s the hard part. Not hard, but you need patients and it takes a moment. Don’t be afraid to apply a generous amount of solution of needed. Perodically use a clean portion of the blue rag so you allows have texture to help remove the excess paint. Drys in minutes of not seconds. You’ll be happy you bought this kit for your car. Plenty left for future use as well.

Edward Burks / Subaru – Color: Crystal White Silica

Great product, got it fast

Ewen Nash / Subaru – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: CRYSTAL WHITE PEARL – K1X

Perfect color match.

Fahim Mendez / Audi – LY8X / 4J – Havanna Black Met

The paint matched the car and covered up some scratches. I would recommend this product. Not a bad price either.

Ana Weeks / Subaru – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: SPARK SILVER MET – C3S

The kit came with paint, paste (didn’t know how to use that) wax, applicators and instructions. The touch up looks pretty good from far away. I’m a total amature and have never worked on the body of my car before. I just wish the instructions were more explicit about which applicator to use for what and how long to wait between steps and what how to use the paste. Overall satisfied!

Diego Dupont / Subaru – Color: SATIN WHITE

We have gotten this product before and it has a great consistency and covers well!

Ophelia Callaghan / Subaru – Color: DARK GRAY

This kit comes with everything you need to touch up your car’s paint. Highly recommended.

Ami Hood / Subaru – Color: DARK GRAY

Took me some time before I got to use this product but it lives up to all it promised. Saved $1100.00 by doing it myself with this product.

Roseanna Reyna / Subaru – Color: Gray

Haven’t used it yet (thankfully) but it’s the legitimate OEM stuff.

Glenda Lambert / Subaru – Color: INDIGO BLUE

Does the trick. Between the pen tip and the brush, you can easily fill from tiny spots to larger ones without hassle. Shake before each application to mix the paint and metallic particles.

Shabaz Grainger / Subaru – Color: DARK GRAY

Worked great for touch up. Paint on one side, clear coat on the other.

Wade Yu / Hyundai – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: POWDER WHITE PEARL – W1

My first time using touchup paint, and I wish it came with more instructions. Ended up making a mess and part of the touchup I did was dirty because I didn’t know what I was doing. That said, it’s a great product and totally matches my Impreza. Even with the issues I experienced, my car looks so much better with this paint than rust.

Tayah Perez / Subaru – Color: Tangerine Orange Pearl

Matched the color perfectly. The kit had everything you will need and plenty of spare stuff. I covered a large amount of scratches and still have most of the paint left over.Easy to follow instructions too.

Elif Ryder / Tesla – PBSB – Sierra Black / Solid Black

Exactly as advertised.

Aamir Field / Subaru – Color: CARBIDE GREY

A comprehensive and well thought out kit, Color match was excellent, the videos make it look so easy, but I found it hard to make the surface become even, to the original paint, The cleaner is good, but not enough and you get too much overlap, and too much, and it pulls the paint right out of the nick, but, in the end even with the imperfections, the truck looks gate, and from 3 to 4 feet, really nice and clean. One bad gash of 4 inches, and about a centimeter wide, is now covered, and not super easy to see, so almost back to showroom as long as not taking a really close look.

Yasemin Downs / Dodge – PVP – Go Mango Pearl

Amazing product. Color is accurate to the point that you could apply the paint without any steps and it would look good. This kit is a huge money saver. Also got my orders within 3 days!

Aran Shea / Volvo – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: SONIC BLUE MET – 470

Got what I ordered, color was perfect.

Amaya Colley / Subaru – Color: TUNGSTEN METALLIC

Kit came quickly, and had everything I needed to touch ups


The kit had all the parts and supplies listed, and the paint is very easy to work with. It is a lacquer, so it can be thinned and applied with an airbrush, my main concern. I(t goes on very smoothly when sprayed, and also works very well when brushed on. The only problem I had was the color–the paint goes on as pure white, and is noticeably brighter than the pearl white of my car. To some extent, that is always a problem with pearl paints, since they should be applied in layers (primer, white, pearl clear, and clearcoat), a process that can’t be simulated with a single color such is supplied with the kit. For the small rock chips on the front of the car, the color difference is only noticeable when you look very close. For the big scrape on my rear bumper, however, the color difference stands out, although to be fair, only if you are looking for it. The good news is that the paint went on so smoothly that the slight color difference is the only evidence of the black scrape that was there before.

Theresa Osborn / Nissan – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: WHITE – Q10

It worked well enough to cover up a large scrape I had on the passenger door. My concern was to prevent rusting and it appears to have done the job for that.

Gavin Oneal / Subaru – Color: SAGE GREEN

Works great! Dries quickly so make sure you work fast.

Marlie Mahoney / Subaru – Color: CARBIDE GREY

Wonderful and kind service from mark and the team! Highly recommend for all car owners

Maddison Conley / Ford – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: SMOKED QUARTZ MET – TQ

I used this to fix a few scratches on my 2011 Subaru Outback and it worked very well. The Color matched perfect. One comment would be to make sure you only use as much as you need to fill the scratch and not over do it. I used buffing compound after I filled the scratch to smooth it out better.

Asim Stephens / Subaru – Color: Green

Very easy step by step directions to follow. Paint color matched perfectly for my 2014 Jeep Wrangler. Blended nicely, would highlyrecommend for chips to paint

Akaash Brady / Jeep – PW7 – Bright White

Very happy , the paint is exact color .

Pheobe Dean / Audi – LX7P / Q2 – Tornado Grey Met

Worked as described to hide small scratches.

Charlotte Dunlap / Subaru – Color: CARBIDE GREY

Subaru paint is a bit more delicate than I would like, perhaps due to their claim of being more environmentally friendly. Either way, I bought this to deal with the large number of small paint chips that had developed into rust on my hood from highway driving, and it was SUPER EASY to use. I have a 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX in the dark blue color (Plasma Blue Silica), and despite having a clear cover on the hood and the fender, I’ve still been hit by small rocks right on the front edge of the bumper mainly during highway driving and they’ve developed into rust spots. Using this OEM touch up paint, in addition to the PrepPen Adjustable Sanding Pen, I was able to easily sand off the dust in those small spots and then apply a few coats of this paint and successfully cover the spots so that the rust does not spread. You get both a small paint brush (akin to a nail polish brush) and a pen (which I used moreso to clear the area, not to actually apply paint). Overall, it worked perfectly for me with my ’13 Subaru WRX to touch up 9 rust spots + 3 paint chip spots, even around corners – the only downside is that a clear coat and primer were NOT INCLUDED in this kit, but either way this worked out pretty well.

Miller Guy / Subaru – Color: DARK BLUE

matched perfect

Corinne Dyer / Tesla Model S – White Water Pearl – PPSW

Color matched better than I thought it would.

Avani Terrell / Hyundai – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: MOLTEN SILVER – T8T

Very good quality

Shaurya Power / Dodge – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: BLACK – PX8

Matches my Nissan Murano perfectly.

Madihah Goldsmith / Nissan Murano – WHITE PEARL – QAB

Exact match

Mathilde Holman / Jeep – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: BRIGHT SILVER MET – WSB

YouTube video helped a lot! The bottle of wax came to me in a messy container. Overall, the product performed as expected and the outcome made the car look like it was professionally.

William Fisher / Subaru – Color: Crystal White Silica

Was as expected… has everything needed to get the job done right. Printed instructions are under with everything.

Tashan Hayes / Ford – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: CANDY RED TINT – U6

It is not a miracle for big scratches but works great for small dents!

Erik Bowes / Nissan – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: WHITE – QAK

My husband just fixed a spot on our 2016 Avalon, looks good! About as good as it gets DIY!😊Patience is important!

Ruby-Rose Edge / Toyota – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: GRAPHITE BLACK GF – 223

Works really well, filled in the road rash on the front hood. Easy to use. I just wish there was more of the Correct N Clear solution, so I could touch up the rest of the car.

Rukhsar Waters / Nissan – QAB – Pearl White

I would not hesitate making future purchases from this vendor. Highly recommend.

June Rosa / Subaru – Color: NEWPORT BLUE

The kit looks complete and suitable for touchup. I have not had a chance to use it yet due to weather and time. I do look forward to the opportunity later this year.

Milena Patterson / Subaru – Color: DIAM GRAY 6

Worked great.

Shanay Spooner / Lexus – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: SUPER RED 4 – 3L2

Works great as described. However, this requires a significant amount of follow up (included in the instructions) to ensure an acceptable finish.

Maja Ibarra / Suzuki – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: WORCESTER BLUE MET – 24U


Alexandros Brennan / Subaru – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: VENETIAN RED PEARL – H2Q

This paint matched my 2012 wrx hatch Obsidian Black Pearl perfectly. From far away you cannot see those metal spots anymore, but when you are up close you can still see where the small dents are. That is fine for me as long as the bare metal is protected to prevent rust. You should also be careful when applying the paint. Try not to add too much otherwise you will have a blob, start with small amounts.

Roberto Frederick / Subaru – Color: Obsidian Black

Matched car’s paint perfectly.

Kellan Schneider / Hyundai – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: LAKESIDE BLUE PEARL – VU

matched well

Gillian Rush / Subaru – Color: Silverstone Metallic

Good match.. now I feel better with my motorcycle.

Nellie Pruitt / BMW Motorcycle – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: QUARZBLAU MET – NC7

Just what I needed

Lexi-Mae Beattie / Jeep – PEM – Red Rock Pearlcoat

Highly recommend this product. The results are excellent, and it’s crazy easy to use. Search for them on YouTube, and you will see a great instructional video on how to use it. I recommend doing that first to get the best results. Not only that, but the customer service from DrawndPaint is fantastic as well. I ran out of blending solution, and they sent me more for FREE with TWO day shipping!! Excellent product, and good service. Get it now! The results look professional.

Callen Palmer / Mazda – 47A – Ceramic Met

My poor little wrist hurts from shaking it so much.

Korben Sawyer / Mini – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: THUNDER GREY MET – B58

Just as described. worked well and fixed my scratch!

Yunus Rodrigues / Ford – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: OXFORD WHITE – YZ

Great product, delivery was fast. Matched my color perfectly and helped to hide the little blemishes and scratches in my paint.

Renzo Patton / Audi – LY7C / T3 – Nardo Grey

Honestly this is one of the few times I take the time to write a product review. What made me take the time is the excellent, fast, and proactive customer service support I experienced from the company when I faced an issue with my order. They were reliable and proactive to resolve my concerns.On top of that, the product delivered the result as advertised perfectly. It is simple, easy, and clean to use.Really appreciate it and would wish other companies will adopt to this excellent example.

Danica Prince / Subaru – Color: INDIGO BLUE

color is perfect match covered area necessary

Alexandre Carey / Nissan – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: RED – A54

Matched perfectly

Emillie Esparza / Tesla – PBSB – Sierra Black / Solid Black

Great job!

Poppy Cuevas / Ford – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: RACE RED – PQ

Great kit. Perfect match

Matthew Padilla / BMW – B39 – Mineral Grey Met

We bought this for small scratches and it worked as expected. The color was an exact match and the application process was simple. Since the areas we were covering were only small dings and minor scratches, we have plenty leftover for minor touch-ups in the future.

Luis Wall / Subaru – Color: VENETIAN RED PEARL

Great product at a really good price. Arrived on time as promised.

Nazifa Woodard / Audi – LY9C / T9 – Ibis White

Got my package and it was very professional. Theres a very helpful video by drawndpaint on their youtube channel to help do the paint job. Product worked great and my nissan no longer has those ugly annoying scratches. Good price and good products!

Ikrah Munro / Nissan – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: SEMI SILVER MET – A

Good color match. Easy to use.

Jaye Richardson / Subaru – Color: Jasmine Green Metallic

Works really well, filled in the road rash on the front hood. Easy to use. I just wish there was more of the solution, so I could touch up the rest of the car.

Kenzie Marsh / Chrysler – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: CEMENT WHITE PEARL – PW2

Best touch up paint you can buy. Comes with paint.

Missy Hutchinson / Nissan – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: SILVER MAT – K23

Great match on my 2012 Volkswagen

Corinne Harrell / Volkswagen – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: UNITED GREY MET – LA7T

This touch up paint worked great! Went on really easy!

Anton Hensley / Subaru – Color: VENETIAN RED PEARL

Excellent product, great colour match.

Luther Mooney / Subaru – Color: NEWPORT BLUE

Does the job

Ibrar Contreras / Mazda – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: GALAXY GREY MICA – 32S

This stuff is great if, like me, you live in an area under constant road construction and grain transportation…the hood of my car is constantly getting nicked by teensy stones…just small enough to take away a flake of paint and begin rusting. The paint will seal off the open spot, but do bear in mind, you will get an obvious looking dot, no matter how precise you are will the application. This isn’t something you can change…the paint has little bits of mica in it that bounces off the light…giving it it’s shimmery quality…and that’s why your paint job looks so great…but applying it in dots just scatters the light differently. You can’t tell from far away, but your buddies will know you care about your paint job when they get up close for sure.

Ifrah Kerr / Subaru – Color: Camellia Red Metallic

Used it all! Will buy again if needed in future.

Clement Cisneros / Volkswagen – LC9A / 0Q – Pure White

Any car owner will find it useful to have a touch up kit. I was glad that Subaru notified me about this product which made it substantially cheaper to repair the minor scratches on my car. The instructions with it are helpful but the website gives a much better application video for either paint chips or scratches. The kit comes packed neatly and labeled correctly. I was glad to get it on times and with the exact paint specifications that I needed.

Kyan Brandt / Subaru – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: QUARTZ BLUE PEARL – J8U

Very odd packaging, read the directions first or you WILL get paint on yourself.

Sue Magana / Subaru – Color: Crystal White Silica

Very nice 👍

Justin Pena / Subaru – Color: Tangerine Orange Pearl

This is my second time purchasing this product. I love it. Perfect color match. Easy to use. Made my car look flawless.

Sumaiyah Cottrell / Subaru – Color: ICE SILVER

An exact match, thank you!

Eilish Johns / Subaru – Color: BURNISHED BRONZE

For all that is curious, you will receive a 2 part touch up paint bottles consisting of an top and base coat. Works very well to match your existing paint, especially for the Satin White Pearl color.. Like many have said before, you will have better luck using and fine tip brush or an toothpick for those small rock chips.

Zakariyah Rios / Toyota – 040 – Super White 2

Great product, delivery was fast. Matched my color perfectly and helped to hide the little blemishes and scratches in my paint.

Jarvis Kouma / Subaru – Color: DARK GRAY

Color matches up amazing with my 09 Impreza. Paint goes on easily and dries with the rest of the paint very well. Shipping was also very quick and painless

Bjorn Weber / Ford America – PQ / BRQAWHA – Race Red

Nice original aplication

Efa Perez / Subaru – Color: VENETIAN RED PEARL

Got this touch up paint for my first pebble ding, and it is the real deal. It is a pen and a brush. It is both, just like the ones you can buy at the automotive stores. But this is made for Subaru, and that is reassuring. OEM part, and worth it to ensure you get a good product to keep the chipped paint from getting rusty or looking bad.

Tonya Ramos / Subaru – Color: NEWPORT BLUE

I tried some cheaper options for fixing scratches and chipped spots on my 320i, but this one actually works very well. I really cannot find the areas I have fixed,….it’s that good!

Daphne Daly / Subaru – Color: GRANITE GRAY

We have a 2015 Subaru Forester in orange. We noticed a couple very light scratches and dings from rocks and wear and tear. My husband really wanted to try to use a touch up paint to fix them himself. He found this on Amazon so we have it a try. We are very pleased with the results. The scratches were not really deep but the paint worked wonderful. The color is perfect and you don’t notice the scratches anymore at all. Would definitely recommend for minor scratches and dings!


Tangerine Orange perfect on my Subaru Crossteck. One larger spot on my bumper and a large door ding needed multiple coats, but are largely invisible unless you are really looking for the spots. So far the paint has stood up to the weather, I will reedit if touch up paint does not hold up in the future.

Olaf Nolan / Subaru – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: WHITE – 230

What an amazing kit to take care of scratches and chips in car paint! Comes with everything you need to fix small cosmetic problems. My daughter got a long scratch on her brand new car (husband ran the handle of the yard edger along it in accident!) and this fixed the issue with no problem. If the scratch is pretty deep (like ours was) you will need to use several coats, but this kit comes with enough paint to use it for a long time.Thank you so much!

Neha Lucas / Mazda – 16W – Black Mica

Nice kit, good for fixing little dings, color match isn’t perfect but my cars 10 years old so the fade/yellowing has made it not as bright white as this. Basic kit came with the cloths, scrubs, 2 jars of paint, wax, cleaner, buffer.

Kristi Mcculloch / Subaru – Color: ICE SILVER MET – G1U

very happy


Perfect match for my SUV!

Finnian Hancock / Cadillac – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: BLACK DIAMOND TRICOAT – WA815T

Very convenient device for touching up just a few small chips. There’s plenty of paint in the pen for many touch ups as long as they’re somewhat small. Make sure to shake it to mix the color VERY well before doing your first touch up. My first one didn’t match as perfectly as the subsequent touch ups I did because I should have mixed it a little better.

Siana Jackson / Hyundai – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: SHIMMERING WHITE MET – WJ

color matched perfectly. easy to use kit. very satisfied.

Cinar Tyson / PORSCHE 996 – ARENAROT MICA – 84S

This was for touch up of my inferno 2013 camaro, excellent product, thank tou.

Kason Markham / Chevrolet – Color: Crystal White Silica

The process is pretty easy and the color match was perfect. I am happy with the result although with a little practice and patience it could be a near perfect job. 

Laibah Mills / Subaru – Color: DARK GRAY

I had a couple of scratches on my car and used this product to touch it up. Matched my car perfectly and now I can’t even tell where the scratch was!

Sofija Matthams / Hyundai – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: LUNA BEIGE MET – ZT

Suitable for light scratches which is the main reason I wanted it. Matches the gun metal grey on the ’17 Mazda 3 pretty well. Just make sure to grab some plaster/clay first for anything too deep.


Matched my Subaru and comes with a blending tip to smooth out rough spots on scratches.

Abbigail Potts / Subaru – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: ONYX BLACK PEARL – YB6

Color matched perfectly. Fast shipping.

Alara Davies / Cadillac – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: BERLIN BLUE MET – WA122V

Fast and good match

Fiona Keeling / Subaru – Color: DARK GRAY

color looks perfect, haven’t had to use it just yet so threes that

Elise Koch / Dodge – PW7 – Bright White

bought this for my husband’s Subaru, great!

Riley-Jay Cameron / Subaru – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: BRILLIANT BROWN PEARL – C1S

The additional cloth, brushes, etc. make all the difference… I tried a repair kit before that didn’t have all of these needed extras (trying to be cheap) and you can tell the difference.

Alya Booth / Subaru – Color: STEEL SILVER

Good product, fast shipping.

Jayden-James Mack / Subaru – Color: QUARTZ BLUE PEARL

I received this very quickly since it was shipped from Germany. The color match was perfect.

Ivy Fraser / Subaru – Color: WR BLUE PEARL

Subaru G1U ICE Silver Metallic – color is matching.

Mohammad Murphy / Subaru – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: ICE SILVER MET

Love it my car looks great thank you

Kamil Mooney / Subaru – Color: SATIN WHITE

I received this item in a timely manner. The application was easy. I found the instructions a little difficult to follow, but that may have just been me :/Overall, the product was as advertised and worked as I expected.

Weronika Evans / Toyota – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: CAVALRY BLUE – 8W2

I got a package with a broken jar of paint. I wrote a message on amazon, and told them about it, and asked what to do. While i never got a reply on amazon, I got a replacement package within 2 days of the message. FROM TURKEY to USA… Literally one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had in a long time.The product is pretty good also, it’s touch up paint was a good match, and it came in a really nice packaging, with all the stuff you need to get it looking good, i already had all that but, it’s great for someone who needs it, it was stuff that was usable not just junk you’d throw away.

Eoghan Whitfield / Hyundai – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: SPARKLING RUBY MET – T4

This is a little more involved than a simple touch up pen but man is there a difference! Directions are clear and with just a little patience the dings and scratches are impossible to find! Great stuff.

Judy Williams / BMW – N91 – Alpinweiss 3

Paint kit is amazing just unfortunately didn’t have my color of go mango pvpThe company was amazing at refunding in a promp, the kit is amazing just didn’t have my color sadly. When they do I will buy it in. A heart beat because these kits are Hugh quality


Works great

Macauley Croft / Toyota – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: WHITE PEARL CRYSTAL SHINE – 070

Purchased this product to fill in scratches on my car very easy to use and true to color match.

Valerie Madden / Mazda – 22R – Platinum Silver Met / True Silver Met

Fast delivery & very satisfied

Shakir Edmonds / Subaru – Color: NEWPORT BLUE

This worked like a charm. We had a pretty large rock chip that we can’t even find anymore. For sure match the exact color of your Subaru, and you will love this.

Joanne Sears / Subaru – Color: STEEL SILVER

It works great!

Huma Parry / Honda – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: TAFFETA WHITE – NH578

Loved the product. It worked exactly as stated by seller. Would recommend and buy DrawndPaint again. The color was a perfect match.

Adeline Smart / Mini – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: ICE BLUE UNI – B27

Every thing delivered as advertised & in timely manner. Definitely recommend these folks for do-it-yourself folks fixing minor auto paint issues. ;o)

Mcauley Dupont / Subaru – Color: Black


Shania Snider / Honda – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: PREMIUM CRYSTAL RED MET – R565M

Excellent, color is exact and gets the job done.

Nial Daly / Subaru – Color: Crystal White Silica

worked better than expected

Killian Connelly / Subaru – Color: Tangerine Orange Pearl

Great, Exact Color

Shaunie Bowen / Hyundai – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: BLUE SKY MET – N2U

works as it should

Curtis Mcgee / Hyundai – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: GALACTIC GRAY – UYS

Color as described. I unfortunately got a hit and run on my back bumper when I was parked in a parking lot Completely scratched up and paint chipped. Used this and layered on about 3 times with a half hour break between each, give or take. Applied enamel spray after (not sure if that was a good idea or not). From afar, it looks like nothing happened to the bumper. From closer, you can see where it got damaged. This won’t magically make the damage “disappear”, it will just cover up the black/white scratches, chipped paint. Pen application leaves much to be desired, but the brush application is great.

Gabrielle Hartley / Subaru – Color: MIDNIGHT BLACK PEARL

Very good product. A little expensive, but the color and ease of application are right on.

Romeo Murillo / Mazda – 41V – Soul Red Met

Very very good product !!

Grace Rose / Subaru – Color: ICE SILVER

Genuine paint, correct factory color, worked well on the few touch-ups I’ve had to do so far!

Lilliana Conroy / Subaru – Color: Jasmine Green Metallic

Wonderful match and super fast shipping!

Rihanna Foreman / Dodge – PXJ – Diamond Black Crystal Pearl

Good instructions. The kit was complete. I executed a capable touchup paint job with no skill. Good product.

Alena Hicks / Subaru – Color: TUNGSTEN METALLIC

The color matches well with my BMW 2013 528i!

Kimberley Jeffery / BMW – DARK GREY PEARL

as advertised.

Robin PooleIssa Hart / Nissan – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: ALIZARIN CRIMSON PEARL – NAJ

I purchased this product to clean up some small chips in the paint of my Subaru Forester. It comes with both a pen tip – which didn’t work very well – and a brush applicator which worked extremely well. Paint when on easy, and dried to match. It will look like touch up paint so do not expect to be bale to do penny size scratches or scuff marks without it looking bad. All in all, it went on easy and from 2-3 feet you cannot tell it was touched up.

Geraldine Peters / Subaru – Color: BURNISHED BRONZE

easy to use, decent result on small road chips

Jardel Beil / Subaru – Color: WORLD RALLY BLUE PEARL

As described.

Tobey Wagner / Toyota – 218 – Attitude Black Met / Midnight Black Metallic

Great quality kit, fast shipping! Would buy again.

Abdi Morris / Dodge – PW7 – Bright White

perfect mach

Aubree Rojas / Ford – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: ICE STORM MET – YQ

Arrived way quicker than expected and the color matches perfectly. It Is hard to clean up bigger patches with the little brush but that’s probably my fault. 5 stars

Maciej Talley / Ford – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: INGOT SILVER MET – UX

All the colors to match your vehicle. kit contains everything you need to remove minor scratches. just follow instructions and practice on one area till you get it just right and finish the rest. Customer service is without a doubt the best i have experienced!! order with confidence!!

Rhona Dodd / Hyundai – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: QUARTZ WHITE PEARL – W8

I purchased this product for my 2013 Nissan Altima that had a couple of scratches on the bumper and fender. The color match was nearly perfect. The instructions were easy to understand were outlined in a step by step manner. The process is multiple steps and is very logical, concise and helpful. The touch up job took me approximately 40 minutes to complete. The paint was completely dry in another 30 minutes. There is plenty of the products to complete any touch up job. I used the product about a month ago and it has lasted wonderfully through rain, sun and car washes. I would highly recommend this product for anyone needing touch up paint. It is far superior to any other product I have used in the past.

Sahara Head / Nissan – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: CASHMERE MET – PFS

Easy to use and looks great! Made all my scratches and scuffs look a lot better, you can hardly notice them anymore.

Noa Haney / Subaru – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: Cypress Green Pearl|

Perfect for my needs


This was a perfect match for our 2011 Subaru WRX. I parked too close to a cart corral and scratched up the bumper of the car when pulling out. After repairing with this kit, you can’t even tell that there was an ugly scrape across the front. It’s definitely worth the money.

Koa Rasmussen / Subaru – Color: DARK GRAY

Great Product, I have used touch up paint before this was easy to install and matched very good

Jaskaran Ruiz / Hyundai – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: BLACK NOIR PEARL – S3B

Genuine Subaru part as promised.

Anwen Bouvet / Subaru – Color: WR BLUE PEARL

Exact paint match. Great for those little chips a nicks. I keep one in my glove compartment just in case.

Paloma Savage / Subaru – Color: ICE SILVER

Perfect match, great kit! I’m so happy to find my radiant red without having to deal with the dealership!🥳🥳🥳

Lexi Johnson / Mazda – 22R – Platinum Silver Met / True Silver Met

Great Product! Matched perfectly. You have the ability to use a brush for larger chips & a spot pen for nicks. Clear coat included. A small file for rough edges is on the top. Worked great! All options are in one item. Looks just like it’s pictured.

Samina Bassett / Subaru – Color: CARAMEL BRONZE PEARL

I am quite impressed with this paint touch-up kit. Firstly, the sell was VERY prompt with shipping, then upon opening the packaging, the kit itself is fully ready to be used, and has EVERYTHING you’d want to execute a touch-up! There are great instructions included, and Youtube videos to view as well. The paint is high quality, as are all the other affiliated items: Paint brushes, CorrectnClear, Paste and Wax, as well as application block, rag and gloves. BUY THIS KIT IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THE JOB RIGHT!!!

Carson Prosser / Infiniti – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: GREY MET – KAD

Excellent product; would like to get this for my other subaru

Ralphie Bennett / Subaru – Color: STEEL SILVER


Zeshan Arias / Honda – Size: PLATINUM PACK|Color: ALABASTER SILVER MET – NH700M

My daughter’s mechanic applied to to my car and blended in and you would never know that it was used.

Elliot O’Sullivan / Subaru – Color: CARBIDE GREY

Great for fixing small chips and scratches. Blending solution really effective for a seamless finish.

Isma Peacock / Subaru – Color: Gray

This product did an excellent job repairing scratches and touching up dents on my car! It was also really easy to use with clear step-by-step instructions. White color matched my vehicle perfectly. Totally worth the money.

Tahlia Glover / Jeep – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: JEEP GREEN MET – PGJ

Color matches very well. Relatively easy to apply. Scratches on my car are kind of deep, so I need to apply it more than one time. This is, as mentioned in instruction, expected. Two small things. 1. The paint dries faster than manual says. Not sure if it is due to the weather. It was dry and chilly winter day in northern CA. 2. The tips the package offered are not fine enough. I had to use great care and control on my hand. Later I got a very fine one from Michael’s, and I will try that one for the 2nd/3rd touch-up.

Simon Choi / Subaru – Color: LAPIS BLUE PEARL

as described. looking forward to try it out on a sunny day.

Carolina Luna / Subaru – Color: SATIN WHITE

Good product. Everything you need is in the box. More importantly, GREAT customer service. No worries w these guys; they will work w you until you get the match your looking for. Period.

Andreea Skinner / Hyundai – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: WHITE PEARL – JR

Great deal for the price. Thanks!

Kirsty Mccall / BMW – 475 – Black Sapphire Met

The color match was perfect. It was also easy to use.

Donte Reeves / Tesla – PPSW – White Water Pearl / Pearl Multicoat

This was great match for my Pathfinder.

Hadiya Andrew / Honda – Size: ESSENTIAL PACK|Color: MILANO RED – R81

This is a great touch up paint. It matches my Lapis Blue WRX perfectly. Unfortunately i got a ding the day after I bought it, and this paint made the ding disappear (in conjunction with a body shop pulling out the dent). Color is a perfect match, and the multiple applicators makes it easy to use. It shipped from an actual Subaru dealer, so is the real deal.

Anna Vasquez / Subaru – Size: PREFFERED PACK|Color: LAPISBLUE