Tesla Touch Up Paint | Paint Scratch, Chips Repair | OEM Quality | Exact Match

Paint Scratch | Chip Repair | OEM Quality | Exact Match

Compatible Models

Touch Up Paint – How It Works for Tesla

Say bye to stone chips and scratches in Tesla with German patented technology DrawndPaint puts an end to problem in 3 basic steps. Every KIT is custom prepared in line with manufacturer’s choice on original paint brand.With innovative Tesla touch up paint system, DrawndPaint easily treats the areas that needs to be covered fast and easy. Our system prevents car from the affects of corrosion and rust. So you can get rid of expensive repairs easily.Due to the patented Special Solutioned Cleaning Cloth, you can use the system without any worries. With only three basic steps you can repair paint chips and scratches instantly for Tesla.

Stone Chip Repair – Scratch Repair for Tesla

DrawndPaint DIY touch up KIT performs excel for simple way of removing stone chips and scratching from car’s bodywork.Repairing car stone chips and scratches on a regular basis is both cost effective and makes good sense, as left to deteriorate these minor areas of damage can soon turn into rust spots that seriously affect the value of car and spoil its overall appearance.

Main Features

Oem Quality Paint and Color Match for Tesla

We guarantee our paint will match the original color of Tesla, Our database of automotive paint colors create a valuable one-stop solution for our customers. Searching for touch-up paint through car dealers, auto part stores and collision repair shops can be quite difficult – we make finding and ordering car paint simple. Whether you are looking for old car paint, unusual car paint, or paint for a brand new car, our colors database has got it.

100% Match Unique Colors for Tesla

We use the highest quality car paints to achieve first class repairs every time, all of our car touch up paints are custom mixed to match Tesla original factory paint code, using precise computer mixing technology.

Special Patented Blending Solutioned Cleaning Cloth

Our patented solutioned cleaning cloth only treats the special paint we mix for Tesla and does not interfere with factory paint. By this method we are sure that you can not harm color and you can do repairs like a pro for Tesla

Full Diy Touch Up Kit For All Your Needs

Everything is included in our system for you to have pro results. From sponges to brushes and microfiber cloths. Everything is included to do a proper touch up job for Tesla.

KIT Components

Microfiber fabric

  • Special for car body surface
  • %70 Polyester
  • %30 Polyamide
  • 300 gr/sqm weight
  • Antistatic
  • Drying surface 0,2mm pile length
  • Polishing surface 0,6mm pile length
  • Super absorbent, dries the surface immediately
  • Speical microfiber structure, provides scratch free cleaning and polishing
  • Resistant to 95°C laundry wash


  • Best design for maximum paint easiness
  • Nonabsorbent
  • Loss prevention
  • Diamond cut edge for complete scratch repair


  • Powder-free
  • Nitrile

Polishing sponge

Polishing fabric

Glass paint bottle



Tesla Color Code Location

Color Code Example For Tesla
Tesla Color Code Label Sample

Essential, Platinum, Preffered

Color Code

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